Loa Altec Lansing VS3251



  • Crisp Surround Sound
    Hear the enemy creep up from four satellite speakers and enjoy lifelike dialogue from the center speaker.

  • Feel the Bass
    Isobaric-configured dual 6.5” woofers deliver bass comparable to systems twice as large.

  • Dual-Mode Selector
    Each listening mode is specially engineered to provide outstanding performance.
    - Use the 6-Channel Surround Mode with the USB port on your PC or 6-channel sound card to thrill your senses with the vivid, panoramic experience of true surround sound.
    - Use the 2/4 Channel Mode to enjoy immersive six-speaker sound from any source – MP3 players, CD players.

  • Understated Elegance
    Comtemporary design with removable cast-metal stands looks terrific next to your flat-panel screen or mounted on wall (satellite and center speakers are magnetically shielded.)

  • Wireless Remote and Control Pod
    Volume (master, center, and rear), bass, and treble controls are at your fingertips. Just sit back and enjoy!

  • iPod / MP3 Player Jack
    Connect your iPod, MP3 player, or CD player at the same time as your computer.

  • Headphone Jack
    For privatelistening.

It’s a unique benefit: The Altec Lansing FX5051 system gives you genuine 5.1 surround sound with no hassles and no 6-channel sound card required! You simply plug a USB cable from your subwoofer into your PC and get 6 discrete channels of powerhouse sound. The FX5051 features dual drivers in every satellite, plus a “two-barreled,” isobaric subwoofer that gives you awesome bass in half the space. What’s more, it’s long on looks. The perfect complement to your flat-panel displays. Satellites feature removable bases for easy wall mounting. System includes a wireless remote.




Altec Lansing’s superior sound come

from our proprietary technology, which

utilizes custom-built, high-fidelity

drivers, state-of-the-art equalization

circuitry, and a harmonious mix of the

following specifications:

– Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 101 dB

– Total Continuous Power: 89 Watts RMS

– Front Speakers: 12 Watts/channel @ 4

ohms @ 10% THD @ 150 Hz - 20 kHz 2

Channels Loaded

– Rear Speakers: 12 Watts/channel @ 4

ohms @ 10% THD @ 150 Hz - 20 kHz 2

Channels Loaded

– Center Speaker: 13 Watts @ 4 ohms

@ 10% THD @ 150 Hz - 20 kHz Single

Channel Loaded

– Subwoofer: 28 Watts @ 8 ohms @ 10%

THD @ 40 – 150 Hz Single Channel Loaded

– System Response: 30 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)

– Signal to Noise Ratio @ 1 kHz input: > 75 dB


– Driver (per Satellite): One 40mm midrange

driver and one 18mm high-end


– Dimensions:

3.2” (W) x 2.3” (D) x 7” (H)

80 mm (W) x 58 mm (D) x 177 mm (H)


– Driver: Two 6.5” long-throw woofers in

isobaric configuration

– Dimensions:

9.8” (W) x 9.8” (D) x 13.3” (H)

250 mm (W) x 250 mm (D) x 337 mm(H)