Tai nghe Nocs  NS400 Aluminum Universal/Android







NS400 Aluminum Universal/Android cho âm thanh cân bằng, mạnh mẽ, chính xác,rơ ràng, chi tiết đáng kinh ngạc với âm trầm xuống sâu và tự nhiên trong suốt toàn bộ quang phổ của âm thanh.







"Driver" loa của tai nghe là loại "dynamic" kích thước 8mm, độ nhạy 106dB SPL@1kHz, trở kháng 16Ohm, dải tần 20Hz-20kHz với "housing" vỏ chứa màng loa bằng vật liệu nhôm Aluminum, dây tín hiệu "flat, hạn chế rối dây" dài 1,2m với chất liệu Kevlar cho độ bền tốt hơn nhiều lần so với dây dẫn thông thường.









Chuẩn Jack 3,5"








Tai nghe có micrphone dùng với phần lớn Smartphone trên thị trường. Có nút điều chỉnh âm lượng trả lời cuộc gọi, dừng cuộc gọi, Play,Stop,Back bài hát trong lúc đang nghe....khi sử dụng với hệ điều hành Android cùng với App Nocs remote control trên Google Play.








Có 5 cặp đệm tai bằng silicone với các kích thước XS/S/M/L (rất nhỏ,nhỏ,vừa,to) đi kèm để thay thế và sử dụng cho phù hợp với kích thước tai của người nghe.







Thông số kỹ thuật của sản phẩm

  • Speaker: 8.0 mm dynamic
  • Diaphragm: Titanium coated
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1 kH
  • Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Cord length: 1.2 m
  • 1 year replacement warranty
Model number
  • NS400A-101, Black, version 1, July. 2014
  • NS400A-102, White, version 1, July. 2014


Tương thích với các hệ điều hành và smartphone


This product has been developed to function with Android and Windows phone products released after 2012 and supporting 3 button remotes.

Below is a list with known devices that work slightly different than normal due to limitations for 3rd part accessories.

HTC One - Will control "change track" instead of "volume" on up/down buttons.

Nexus 7 - No support for 3-button remotes.

LG Nexus 4/5 - No support for 3-button remotes.

Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD - No support for 3-button remotes.

Sony Xperia Z1/Z2/Z3 - No support for 3-button remotes with 4 poles. 


Phụ kiện đi kèm

  • - NS400 Earphones
  • - Remote and Mic
  • - Extra sleeves, XS/S/M/L
  • - User manual





Giới thiệu của hăng về sản phẩm

NS400 Aluminum (Android)

The proven Nocs NS400 that will blow your mind is now even better, with a tangle free flat cable. It is proven to be one of the best in ear headphones out there. Powerful yet balanced, accurate sound with incredible revealing details and deep bass response. Durable machined aluminum housings and Kevlar reinforced cables. Noise-Isolating Headset with 3-Button Android and Windows phone control. MEMS silicon microphone removing GSM/TDMA burst noise. Picks up your speech 360 degrees. Four different-sized ear tips, one set each to provide an excellent fit.

Sound characteristics

The dynamic speaker is designed for the best possible listening experience. The earphones deliver a clear and powerful sound throughout the entire sonic spectrum, backed by natural bass.

Materials and design

Every part, from the strong lightweight aluminum housings and noise isolating silicone sleeves to the flat tangle free Kevlar reinforced cables, have been carefully designed to offer great durability.



  • Wired - Excellent, with room to kvetch

    "And the sound is just great. There’s plenty of nuance in the mids and intricate detail in the highs... I especially like how fast the bass is.... And I mean that in both senses of the word — they are lightweight with a great fit, and also, it’s pleasurable to listen to music through them for long periods of time."

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  • Digital Trends - Editors' Choice

    "The Nocs NS400 use a lightweight titanium housing and driver to achieve some of the most revealing sound we’ve ever heard out of a headphone, at a price that’s almost too good to be true."

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  • Trusted Reviews - Recommended

    "An attractive pair of earphones made using quality materials, the Nocs NS400 deserve more attention than they'll probably get. Crucially, though, they sound great too, with performance that matches the very best available at the price. Plenty of detail, without trading in bass clout as a result."

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  • iCreate - Editor's Choice

    "nocs might well be a new name, but we’re certain that with high-quality products like these headphones, they’ll be a well-known name in no time. If you’re looking for a new pair of earphones and want the best value without compromising on sound quality, these are a perfect choice."

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  • What HiFi? Sound and Vision - 5/5

    "For dynamics and rhythm, these can't really be faulted. Treble sounds clear and distinct, but never harsh, while there's enough grunt in those low frequencies to deliver pounding basslines with gusto"

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  • MacWorld Australia - 4/5

    "For dynamics and rhythm, these can't really be faulted. Treble sounds clear and distinct, but never harsh, while there's enough grunt in those low frequencies to deliver pounding basslines with gusto"

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