EternalArts Headphone Amplifier  OTL-KHV Professional





OTL headphone amplifier with balanced input  for professional recording studios The EternalArts OTL headphone amplifier, the transfer of genius Futterman idea to tube amplifiers for high end headphones. A compact tube amplifier building block for the connection of two Headphones in the powder-coated steel housing with perforated Aluminium cover, transparent acrylic front, turned from acrylic glass Volume knob and slip-resistant silicone rubber feet

Developed with and optimized for high-end headphones from HD800 SENNHEISER
Balanced inputs selected with input transformers EternalArts
Optimization to operate with two sets of headphones and low Headphones> 20 ohms
Separate channel circuit design with 4 tubes: 2 selected EternalArts triode-pentode, 2 stabilizer tubes gain independent stable anode voltages of the amplifier tubes
Platinum-supported structure with gold, 70μ-sided laminated

Molded Transtec much voltage transformer in toroidal  Protection technology with winding between primary and secondary Winding packages
High-quality components selected, classic blue ALPSPoti,  gold-plated headphone jacks, XLR connectors
In many cases, secured, totally stable circuit for maximum security and high tube life
Large bandwidth and rapid pulse train

Circuit Description

A potentiometer the signal reaches the grid of the triode  The triode-pentode. At its cathode is an RC network with R adjustable to control the gain of the triode can. The
Anode then controls via an RC element, the control grid of the pentode. Through the cathode follower circuit is a low internal resistance achieved. At the cathode, then the signal is coupled out, wherein be eliminated by a capacitor dc components.  The outputs are protected by a fast fuse, two Zener diodes are used as surge protection for the headphones.
A special feature is a stabilizer tube is in the circuit, the anode voltage of the triode-pentode, regardless of their Modulation constant. The latter is heated by dc

RC circuit and double buffering. Her screen grid is a  RC-screening supplies. The goal was an absolute hum-free operation of the headphone amplifier.
For the placement of new pipes from old stock resorted to strictly for professional use be selected.

- Combined power-rocker-valve, 2-pole
- LED power indicator
- Balanced signal input (Neutrik XLR)
- Gold-plated stereo jacks
- Foil MFE high-end power cords

Eingangs-/Treiber-/Endstufe: 14GW8 / PCL86 per channel
Power Supply: STV each 108/30 and 6074 channel

General data
Dimensions: 13.5 (W) x 11 (H) x 33.5 cm (D)
Weight: 2.8 kg net
Temperature range: 10 to 35 C.
Humidity range: 20 - 80%
Material: High-gloss black powdered
Steel chassis with aluminum cover;
high-gloss acrylic front, high-gloss
Acrylic knob

Accessories: Foil MFE high-end
Power cord

Mains voltage: 115/230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 30 VA
Input impedance: 10 Kohm
Load resistance: 300 ohms /> 20 ohms
Frequency Response (+ / - 1 dB): 20-225000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio (relative to 1V): 80 dB  THD (1 kHz, 400 mVp, 300 ohms): <0.5%
No-load: Fully
Short circuit protection: Short term